Miss Elm - Idle Away

Miss Elm - Idle Away

Idle Away is the second EP from Miss Elm, leading on from their self titled ‘extended play’ EP, released in October 2011. Miss Elm are from the sunshine state of Queensland, Brisbane, which is portrayed in their light hearted, feel good, heel clicking tunes

First song off the four track album ‘Growing Pains’ has lead singer, Erin Harrington, jumping ‘voice first’ into the really really high notes - initially a little startling and a seemingly peculiar choice. Erin’s voice doesn't seem quite strong enough to do so - yet as the song and album progresses so does Erin’s voice. ‘Space’, the second track on the album, has a quirky little 50’s video clip, that will have you singing dah de dup dup all day long.

Miss Elm’s tones and vibe have been described as something similar to, Kate Miller Heidke, and that of, Sarah Blasko. ‘Baby Song’ however, is a little different, and conjures up a, Lily Allen, (without the crass) beat throughout the song. Mid song the the piano stops; percussion twists and we enter a dream - leading us away from the one line lyric of, ‘she’s gonna have your babies’, (not to be mistaken for Muscles in the slightest), which can cause a slight throb to the head when repeated again and again and again.

‘Adelaide’ is my favourite track on the album, the flute played by, Lucinda Bopf, is not an instrument you get to hear all that often - unless of course you are listening to an orchestra - and complements the extremely high notes obtained by, Erin Harrington - in this song she nails it.

Idle Away a nice little addition to your weekend music collection, great to potter about your day; hang out in the garden; bake a cake; or if you’re looking for a simple tune to add a little sunshine to your day, this could be the EP for you.
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