Legends of Motorsport - Mess it up

Legends of Motorsport are an excellent live band but live brilliance doesn't always transfer to the recording studio.


The ‘Mess it up' EP, recorded at Eastbloc Studios in Melbourne, is a lot of fun. The four-track EP opens with ‘Mess it up', a cutely frantic punk tribute which highlights a band with lots of potential, a band with energy and charisma that, like many bands, is just one huge single off being the next Franz Ferdinand.


The EP's second track is a cover of the Ramone's ‘I don't wanna go down to the basement' and it is a very fun cover. It really shows how much Legends of Motorsport enjoy making music – it is just an irresistible charming cover which encapsulates all the energy in the Ramones. The final two tracks, ‘Totally extreme' and ‘Warm milk with honey ‘06' sustain the EP's upbeat and promising feel.


One could certainly draw comparisons, both live and in the studio, between Legends of Motorsport and fellow Australian band The Vasco Era. Both bands have the luxury of having a vocalist with a naturally slightly desperate, slightly edgy voice, both play riffs with evident punk and blues influence and both have a knack to play every track in a way that makes one want to dance.


Overall, ‘Mess it up' is a near flawless EP with huge promise for future albums. Legends of Motorsport could well be the next big thing – and you heard it here first, folks. Watch out for them in this summers music festival.


The ‘Mess it up' EP gets 9 of those stupid anarchy badges out of 10.

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