Sometimes having to review C.D's is a hit and miss affair, you never know if you are going to have to try and write words about a band that you hate. However there was no danger of that this time, for I had hit gold.


Pony Up had that refreshing quirky pop sound reminiscent of Slater Kinney and Electrolane. Within the first 15 seconds I was sold - this band was great. Played the cd, twice, and I still thought they were good. A week later it is still on my car stereo and bugging my friend's to death, as I keep singing the odd line from their very catchy songs.


The second track, has a very long title, ‘The truth about cats and dogs (is that they die) and is a brilliant song. It starts simply, minimal picking on the guitar, and then the quirky Grates-like singing builds up into a toe tapping crescendo. By the middle of that number I am bopping up and down.


The band had their big break when Ben Lee, came to their home city of Montreal. They caught his show, which was poorly attended, and then invited him out for a drink. To their surprise he came. Well if four young hot chicks asked you out for a drink what is any red blooded man gonna say? They gave him a demo, and he signed them to his newly formed label, Ten Fingers.


What did he like about their music? "I think the reason he was into us was that we reminded him of himself when he started - I think Ben's exact words were that we had 'musical innocence'"


They is something refreshing about this band, a pared back purity that makes one think of Sunday afternoons watching eighties teen films with your girlfriends, curled up with coffee and biscuits. The songs are beautifully crafted, with the sweet singing, and harmonies by all four girls adding to the straight shooting piano.


The Canadian band, Pony Up, was formed on New Years Eve 2002, and unusually for a band they operate as a single entity. They don't have an official spokeswomen, "This way if one of us doesn't know the answer to a question, we can I guess, hide behind the other"


The unity of the band comes across in the cd, with no one performer outshining the other, all four girls blending together like the perfect milkshake to make melodious music together.


While Cats and Dogs is upbeat and danceable, "Only feelgood', is more soulful, and shows the quality of the girls singing. The lyrics can be a little self involved and have that teenage angst thing going on, first love gone wrong, ‘Are these words any harder, than the ones we just said, that I want you"


There a is simple uncomplicated attitude to this band, they keep in the drummers clicks on the sticks, the singing isn't amazing. It is unconventional, but like the best pop singers it draws you into the words, so you reach for the cover to find out what the girls are singing about.


"What's free is yours', is so painfully raw, you can almost hear the heartbreak in the singers voice.


This band has the indie pop genre down pat, with great lyrics and harmonies, simple tunes, played with great soul and purity, this is a cd to go out and buy. You won't be sorry.

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