Ground control to Major Tom, what happened here? Former Little Red member 'Major' Tom Hartney has released his debut album with The Atoms, Heroes, Villains, Boom Boom Boom!. It's an atomic, blues-rock explosion.

Hartney stammers and shakes like Nick Cave throughout an album of songs that sound like they were written for the Sweeny Todd or Sherlock Holmes soundtracks. Bloodhounds, dragons, and alligators roam through these fantasy tracks like lost pets.

While lyrically Hartney may be on a different planet, the songs on the album are often well grounded. 'Wishing Well' is a highlight, and 'Confusion' has a jaunty, danceable beat--although can we please ban the rhyming of 'down' and 'Chinatown'?

Essentially, Heroes, Villians, Boom Boom Boom! sounds like the Little Red songs that never fit in. Strip away the doo-wop harmonies, surf guitars, and former frontman Dominic Bryne's falsetto, and you're left with a collection of songs that sound like 'Witch Doctor' or 'Coca Cola' if they were sung with the theatrics of Tim Curry.

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on, Heroes, Villains, Boom Boom Boom! is a bumpy ride.

Watch the video for 'Confusion' below:

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