Dream On, Dreamer - Loveless

Dream On, Dreamer - Loveless

Australian post-hardcore quintet Dream On, Dreamer have returned with their second album Loveless, the follow-up to 2011’s Heartbound.

Haunting and beautiful breakdowns, lyrics and vocals have been a feature of the band’s music and continue their presence into Loveless.

Anyone who enjoyed Heartbound should be pleased with the band’s newest effort which is an impressive 10-track collection packed with talent and emotion. Anyone who enjoys metalcore but is unfamiliar with Dream On, Dreamer will soon know all about them, as they continue to rise and push boundaries.

Following a line-up re-shuffle including introducing a new clean vocalist and a relentless tour schedule, the young band demonstrate a maturity beyond their years with their new album.

Quite the creative bunch, Dream On, Dreamer have adopted somewhat of a DIY approach to this album, with the whole thing mixed and produced by guitarist Callan Orr and artwork designed by Marcel Gadacz. Their creativity extends to their music as they give us another taste of their distinctive, other-worldly sound. Something about their music is almost larger than life, evoking emotions with powerful song-writing and execution.

Despite the line-up adjustment and touring experiences, the musical growth between Heartbound and Loveless is slight. There has been little development or adjustment to their sound which could be disappointing to those hoping for some more progression. With that being said however, the old cliché that if something is not broken you don’t fix it rings true – and there sure wasn’t anything wrong with Heartbound.

From start to finish, Loveless is bursting with hardcore elements - from the heavy guitars to Marcel Gadacz’s vocals, but is also quite melodic as well. The guitar and vocals are stunning, and Zachary Britt fits right in as his clean vocals provide the haunting melodic rhythm so characteristic of Dream On, Dreamer. From the opening notes of the first and title track ‘Loveless’, there is a definitive feeling that something special is about to be heard, and the record does not disappoint. The song builds up and up, leaving you wanting more before blending into what was the first taste of the new album, the single ‘The World in Front of Me’.

‘Neverlove’ is a fan favourite from this album, with an inspirational ‘never give up’ attitude (“What feels like the end is the start of something new”… “It’s better to have lost you than never having loved at all”) and rhythmic sound. The vocals and instrumental work complement each other wonderfully with a brilliant melodic hardcore balance.

The entire album is nothing short of moving and will leave you wanting more from the Melbournian outfit. If you were ever a fan of Dream On, Dreamer Loveless will be a pleasure to listen to. If you were crossing your fingers for them to display a significant progression from their debut album, don’t uncross them just yet. Dream On, Dreamer have a promising future and if their success over the past few years is anything to go by, these guys are going places fast. Having opened for A Day to Remember and The Devil Wears Prada on their Australian tour last month, Dreamer have a national headline tour in place for later this year, and if you’re a fan you definitely don’t want to miss that!

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