Thirty Seconds to Mars, it’s a word that has become synonymous with success, the bands last record This Is War pushed the band higher than anyone ever thought possible, so where is this seemingly unstoppable behemoth now? Have they crafted a record worthy of their overblown cannon or is this there backslide back into obscurity?

Well, things start off with the opener ‘Birth’ which builds with trumpets and a string section, before descending into a dirge of electronica which then moves into the rather unspectacular first song ‘Conquistador’ a song complete with awful electronica and Jared Leto’s anguished howl as he yells some of his usual lyrical cliches. The next song everyone should be familiar with by now, ‘Up in the Air’ comes complete with Leto’s compassionate vocals and a bearable electronic bounce and is by far the best song on this record.

It becomes apparent during ‘City of Angels’ that the downward spiral of this record isn’t going to end any time soon, with Leto treating us to some more of his overblown lyricism's and some standard electronic noise, which by now has outworn its welcome.

I could tell you more about the songs on this record, but I think you get the point by now. This band once pulled over the top off with no problem, but without the musical backing, all you’re left with is the Leto’s angst filled lyrics, which coming from a man who has spent most of his life as a rich actor you have to wonder what exactly he is so angry about.

Leto said recently that the band is not just a music project, but a work of art. But art has life and meaning and from the lifeless songs, to the pointless interludes, this is the complete opposite. There could have been a good record here, but as it stands it’s just a hollow meaningless shell. Better luck next time.
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