Come with me on a journey through time and space if you will. A suburban backyard, summer 1996, cicadas humming in the distance and the air littered with the scent of the odd hidden from the parents Peter Jackson cigarette. An assorted collection of 16 year olds coalesce, converse and occasionally attempt quasi-drunken frottage upon one another. Suddenly, Lump clicks on to the CD player and the throng turns into a swelling mass of bodies, turning the backyard into an impromptu dance floor. The throng moshes, minces and mimes along in an awesome display of mass unity. In three minutes it is all over and the coalescing, conversing and attempted frottage continues.


Fast forward, nine years later.


Love Everybody, the latest offering from the recently (and if their Australian tour is anything to go by, triumphantly) reunited PUSA, is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds of more of the same.


PUSA deliver the same rollicking groove, punchy melody, guffaw inducing lyrics and irrepressible energy. Despite the fact that it is about a decade since their biggest hits, Lump, Peaches, Kitty and Dune Buggy, in the world of PUSA, nothing has changed. PUSA have retained their unique sound and the power to stick a smile on this wizened old crone's dial.


I look forward to seeing if their new offering has the same effect on my staid old-person dinner parties as it did at many a backyard shindig nine years ago. I suggest you try the experiment too.

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