SS Pecker - Livin' It!

Radio stations take notice: These dudes are catchy and infectious.


SS Pecker consists of 8 regular members and play jazz and funk infused hip hop. Soulful brass interspersed with raps and vinyl scratches are layered over drums, guitar and bass, as well as other instruments. For a debut, this is a well produced EP: All instruments at reasonably appropriate volumes, all sounds are clear and layers are audible.


The art is interesting and original, the length is good for an EP, there are no fillers (remixes, acoustics, live songs etc.) and the whole package seems very professional. Comparisons to other Aussie hip hop acts are inevitable, and perhaps the most obvious is Hilltop Hoods, but some differences are apparent. The Hilltops are quite sample based, while SS Pecker is more diverse: These guys seem like they could switch into pretty much any genre and play some appropriate music. Maybe next time they could get a singer though, as the singing on Yesterday (track 4) was a little lacking in range. My only other gripe has to be with the lyrics.


A common problem with Aussie hip hop is the content; MC's rapping about making it in the business, being the best MC, haters and girls. SS Pecker thankfully steers clear of rapping about "biatches", but many other cliché subjects are covered. Maybe when they get around to an LP they will have written about some more meaningful subjects. For now though, this will do no harm to their reputation. A good debut.

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