Sophie B. Hawkins - Live

With a Recorded in Sydney at the Basement, Sophie B Hawkins live album is full of ballads, soulful singing, screeching and complex band arrangements. With a double cd including tour footage and a travel diary, this cd is fairly essential for all those fans of this singer. It is true commercial radio is a strong influence upon your mind - the songs that will last longest in the public consciousness, or just haunt you at 4am when you are trying to get to sleep. The songs of Sophie B Hawkins couldn't be more like that. So it is with the title Sophie B Hawkins' Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover – you will be reciting it like you count sheep. This big hit when released in 1992, has been well recorded once again in Sydney's Basement venue, being one of the past decade's FM-radio staple tunes, it sounds very organic, lofi and fresh. It aint such a bad rendition of it.


Another radio-friendly single, 'As I Lay Me Down', which created a minor ripple in the mid-'90s, appears on this album, stripped back and bare, but more listener friendly and atmospheric for an audience. Other such songs are in the same vein: 'Beautiful Girl', 'Feeling Good', 'As I Lay Me Down', 'California Here I Come' are all renditions that bare testimony to the unique folk fusion and balladeering that Sophie perceives for her listening audience on the road. The cd ought compliment fans as to gaining insight into the mind of this dedicated, intuitive and passionate singer.


Released on MGM records, the cd comes as a double disc edition with an enhanced cd rom feature and a Bob Dylan cover – the song 'I Want You' which is very emotive a rendition. "There is a tapestry, a freshness and vibe that I seek to portray in my music and I feel that I have captured that. With my new label and work with the Brosman Brothers, it has been very rewarding and very fulfilling. They have seeked to capture warm organic sounds like it were as if it was played at home, and utilising the technology well. I very much expect to see this continue into the future," she says. This cd is a perfect compliment to those words, and definitely one that ought be in every Sophie collection.

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