Little May - Little May EP

Little May - Little May EP

Crowd winners at the St Jeromes Laneway Festival in 2014 and recent signees to London’s Island Records and Hollywood’s legendary Capitol Records, Little May might well become everybody’s darling. Indie folk with splashes of rock and shimmery French pop, they are certainly very easy on the ear.

Their self-titled debut EP is a five track journey that bursts with promise of things to come. Thoughtful lyrics and beautiful harmonies on every track reflect the fact that this record has been the result of at least two years of work and contains songs that had their genesis years before that.

‘Dust’ kicks off the record and sets the tone with it’s dreamy melody and ethereal vocals. From here the journey skips straight to ‘Hide’, the star of the album for my money and true standout track. It has all the hallmarks of the rest of the record but there’s a weight here and a hint of hysteria which I’d be happy to hear more of. The percussion and vocals on this track in particular are remarkable.

‘Bones’ is begging to be single and would be at home on the radio. It feels like trips to the beach with the windows down, like surf and north winds and gravel. Little May is extremely Australian and that’s what makes it so refreshing to hear. While there’s not a dud track on this record, some resonate more than others and you too will find yourself skipping your way through the many moods of Little May.
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