When musicians employ simplicity within musical compositions, there is often a fine line between genius and rubbish. Bands like the White Stripes, and Kraftwerk master the art of ‘less is more’, but there are others that fall on the lesser side. Unfortunately, Sydney locals Library Siesta fall under that category.

The local indie four piece have released their debut EP Every Song Is Special, a five track exploration of everyday scenarios and desires, which bases itself on whimsical humour and basic lyrical content. That’s not to say that the style isn’t good, but at certain points the intonality and simplicity overpowers the actual song itself.

Opening track ‘Andy’ is riddled with basic rhyme and an abundance of Sydney references, notably coffee in Glebe and central’s platform 23, which works quite well to a local audience and gives the feeling of relatability. However the only image that keeps getting conjured is of a slightly better sounding Phoebe Buffay from Friends.

Remaining tracks ‘2cm Taller’ and ‘Fuck Melbourne’ certainly pick up a few laughs and the latter would certainly be an anthem for their hometown gigs. But might just make touring Victoria a hazardous journey.

Library Siesta’s quirky approach to songwriting is bound to pick up the occasional fan and as long as they’re making the music they want, then who’s to direct them otherwise. However a few refinements here and there could turn their eclectic indie style into a really cool jam.
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