Lost Prophets - Liberation Transmission

Imagine if you took Dexter Holland from the Offspring, Slash from Guns n Roses, the singer from Kisschasy and any reasonably talented punk drummer and made them form a band and record an album.


Can you see the music magazines? ‘Superband formed – album due out soon!' Expectations would be high. But then the band does a Zwan and despite the bands obvious talent, releases a CD that breaks no musical boundaries. ‘Liberation Transmission' is a bit like that.


Ian Watkins, the really quite talented frontman of the Lost Prophets exclaimed in the bands latest press release about his love for pop music but his history of rock and metal – the latter which stops the band from ‘selling out.' ‘Liberation Transmission' is a mix of songs that swing between commercial radio pop hits in the Kisschasy or dare I say, Simple Plan vein, followed but traditional punk rock screamo ballads, while at the same time carrying that ever popular vague political message – hence the album title.


The fact that every second song screams top 20 single and the other ones include such anti-establishment lyrics such as ‘Fake! Fake!' in true punk spirit, makes it appear that the Lost Prophets are placing a bet each way.


The first single, ‘Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)' is a pretty standard new-age post punk ballad while ‘Everybody's Screaming!!!' is just downright inane.


It is disappointing that a band that has showed so much earlier promise, especially live, recorded an album so aimed at angst ridden teenage boys. Even the album cover, the eagle coat of arms deal, hints at that demographic.


Despite all this, the album, like Zwan's ‘Mary Star of the Sea', isn't bad. It has some decent songs, mostly on the second half of the album, and it has some nice musical riffs. ‘Liberation Transmission' is just disappointing given the talent of the band.


‘Liberation Transmission' is out on the 22nd July 2006.


6 out of 10.


- Phil Norman

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