I've been sitting on this EP, Zero Degrees and Falling's 'Letters Never Sent' for weeks, struggling – trying to write something intellectual about this music. I'll admit, on first listen I didn't mind it, but there was something it evoked, for me – perhaps, a feeling like I'd heard it before?


This six track EP by these three boys from Canberra sounds professional – but this is a review, I can't really write that it's "OK" and leave it at that.


The first four tracks are fine, nothing special musically for me, but when I hit track 5 'Black Market Travesty', there is something about this song that just grated me – my ears protested! I've tried to listen to it on a number of occassions, but the vocals sound out of tune. I'm in no way a professional singer, so I'm guessing there is a reason for this style of vocal, but to me it sounded out of place.


In the interests of a balanced review, I checked out what others say about the boys:


"Zero Degrees And Falling are a band to keep an eye on. From such an early stage, it is clear the three Canberra lads have a rosy future. Their sound is an exciting infusion of catchy, melodic verses and speaker-tearing riffs that combine to make their music greater than the sum of its parts. Zero Degrees And Falling are on the rise, so don't get left out in the cold.." Allan Schou, Editor, BMA Magazine


The EP is worth a listen, I enjoyed the first four tracks for their guitars and lyrics, the last two, I didn't like so much. But every time I listen to 'Letters Never Sent' I get a strange sense of deja vu.

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