Oasis - Let There Be Love

Oasis have turned a major corner in their music by releasing 'Let There Be Love', something which sounds more like an album closer than a third single. It shows the maturity of the Oasis boys, and this song, which was written by Noel Gallagher shows a new side to their music.


This track is reminiscent of Oasis's last album 'Heathen Chemistry', in its heavy vocals and guitar strumming, however casts a dark shadow over my previous illusions of Oasis. With lyrics such as "Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens could cry over me?", it gives a deeper insight into the Gallagher boys as we know them.


I think even the most critical of Oasis fans will agree that this track gives a new dimension to their music, and gives me a new appreciation for the so-called bad-boy and their new music. After greatly enjoying their last album, and loving the three singles off the new album "Dont Beleive The Truth', I have now got a new favourite album after this single tipped me off to buy the LP. I would highly recommend having a listen to this track if you havent heard it on the radio already!

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