Leon Thomas - Leon Thomas

Melbourne based musician, Leon Thomas is a rock-blues artist with something nostalgic about his music. You can hear all the big names that have influenced Thomas: The Black Keys guitar riffs, Neil Young pedal steel guitar and Bob Dylan lyrics.

His self titled release has a good range of tempo’s showing that Thomas can sing a good slow song too. ‘Fierce Cats’ gets it off to a good start, with a driving beat and grungy-blues guitar riffs. ‘Thistle Bush’ sounds a bit like the early days of The White Stripes with simple drums and a deep electric blues riff.

‘Three Seasons’ is soothing yet sorrowful with the weeping pedal steel guitar. The weakest song on the EP is ‘The Story of Leon Thomas’ which is a sort of country rap, which unfortunately are two styles that never mix well.

All together this is a solid release that would make for a good live show. There is a lot of soul in Thomas’s vocals and music.

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