Bullethead - Know Your Enemy

In my opinion - The biggest, badest heavy Rock Metal band to come out of Australia, Hell possibly anywhere. These three doods: Alex, Josh and Graeme emerged from Bondi, NSW full of talent, attitude and a desire to play theire music to anyone wanting to listen. They hit the pub scene four years ago to spread the message 'Metal Lives On'. They have the ultimate in hard rocking...Who Gives A *#^% attitude towards life and the way we are (suppose) to live it, misery, failure and all.


Their debut album, 'Know Your Enemy' is a compilation of 11 tracks of hard core, head banging, pulse jumping, heart hammering heavy metal at it's very best. Listening to this album got me so pumped I had a burning desire for some well awaited moshing, needing to body slam party goers and hopefully get a step up for a long awaited crowd surf...RRaaaaaaaaaaahh! The album has a Parental Advisory: Explicit Content, I'd probably add not for the weak hearted, but for those who can handle it...head bang and body slam to your hearts content.


These three are gung hoe as hell, their music is an adventure into the loudest and hardest rocking you'll find. Their message: our struggle to find our place in life while going against the grain of popularity and the norm, our struggle to be free while expressing our dislike in having to conform to others rules and regulations. Alex - Lead Vocals has a voice that can raise the dead or in this case motivate the unmotivated. After listening to the last track I found myself wanting more, what could I do but poke the replay button and turn the volume up further!


My understanding is that these guys have already made the pages of popular hip mags like Rolling Stone, Australian Guitar and Ralph - not bad for four years work and talk about making an impression and making it fast! If your genre is Heavy Metal or even if it's not but your partial to the likes of Metallica, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and heck I'd even throw Limp Bizkit in there, then you'll love this album as mush as I did...Do...Am!


RRrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! Rock ON!

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