DJ Peril - King of the Beats

If you know hip-hop in Australia, chances are DJ Peril needs no introduction. For those what aren't in the know Peril is one third of ARIA award winning hip-hop act 1200 Techniques. Here, on his debut solo album "King of the Beats" DJ Peril has collaborated with some of Australia's premier hip-hop and urban musicians as well as some impressive names from overseas.


Peril has made a name for himself for over 20 years in Australia as a graffiti artist, (initially going under the name "Eraser" before taking the Peril name in the mid-80s) producer, turntablist, DJ, promoter, break dancer and avid vintage sneaker collector. What does all the above translate to? Well in short DJ Peril has paid his dues.


The single "It's About to Blow" spent 20 weeks in the ARIA Top 40 and was the first released from the disc. Impressive by anyone's standards, the song features some great old-skool beats and tight Aussie vocals from a new act signed to Peril's very own Street Elite label, the aptly named Suburban Intellect.


The second single recently released was "Rock Ya Baby" which features soulful vocals from American soul / r‘n'b singer Rahsaan Patterson and raps from MC Surreal (also on Peril's Street Elite label). This is one of the highlights of the album and one of the finest pieces of Australian (or Aussie) hip-hop to be released so far in 2006.


Other Australian collaborations included 1200 Techniques front man Nfamas on the "smooth as" track Pretty Lady. Peril also teams up with 1200 Techniques guitarist Kemstar on Brother's Gunna Work it Out '74', Downsyde's Daz on Sunday and up-and-coming Melbourne rapper Phrase and soul singer Daniel Merriweather on Who is She?


As a whole, "King of the Beats" is an eclectic record. It's a mixture of r‘n'b, hip-hop, Aussie hip-hop, and urban beats, vocals and raps. Listeners unfamiliar with Peril's work may find themselves a little lost as they adjust to styles between tracks.


That being said, DJ Peril has set his sights on commercial and dance floor success with this release. While at times "King of the Beats" strays a little close to attempting to imitate the American r‘n'b sound, it sets an impressive standard for future work coming out of Australian studios.


Peril doesn't mind having a laugh at his own expense either. Track 17 is a recording of a phone prank on the Melbourne DJ featuring a fictitious UK "DJ Peril" attempting to muscle into the Melbourne scene. This is an amusing inclusion and contributes to the eclectic nature of the record.


"King of the Beats" is set for release on July 29th and is distributed through Warner Music.

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