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The Killerbirds are a three piece all girl rock outfit from central Victoria who have been playing about the traps of late with the Cosmic Psychos and the Spazzys. The first time I caught them live I was fairly nonplussed, having other things on my mind at the time – given this I was quite surprised when I next saw them that I remembered many of their songs, and have since followed their progress with some interest.


Their sound is a cranked up blend of 70's touchstones Runaways/Ramones with elements of brash 80's hard rock and 90's grunge revisionism, with just the right amount of 60's girl group ‘tude thrown in for good measure, giving the impression that here are a bunch of grrrls that you shouldn't oughta mess with.


This new EP, mixed by Lindsay Gravina and produced by the Psychos' Ross Knight leans towards the more rocking end of their set, foregoing much of the 60's garage angle for a production that boasts a nasty fuzz tone which would be best described as sludge if it didn't have such a punky L7-esque edge.


First track ‘Naughty Is The New Nice' sets forth a mission statement of sorts, demarcating the Killerbirds from contemporaries like the Spazzys as a mean, snarling rock band, with little trace of cutesy cookie cutter punk-pop. The flexing continues throughout the EP, best captured on third track ‘Killer'.


Downside? Well, the tempos do tend to drift quite a bit, which lends a certain ‘punk' aesthetic to the recording… of course, ‘punk' as used in this context is just a nice way of saying that the intention is evident even if the execution is not, but given the remarkably young age of teenage skinswoman, Nadine, I dare not harp on about it. It is perhaps best to simply say that given the touring they have been doing of late it shan't be long till her mastery of the kit matches her talent for looking like a young Joan Jett.


Regardless this EP shows much promise, and if they stick to their guns The Killerbirds have much promise to become a fixture, even, in time, a feature in the world of Oz Rock.

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