Kid Cudi - Indicud

Kid Cudi is one of those guys everyone knows but apart from the hardcore fans (of which there are many) you don’t hear a lot of his solo stuff besides the massive cross-over hit ‘Day’n’Nite’ from Cudi’s first studio release. He’s an artist who is more known for his considerable amount of collaborations with the likes of Kanye West, MGMT, Snoop Lion (then Dogg), Jay-Z, David Guetta and even Shakira.

For those who haven’t really delved into his catalogue and have just skimmed the surface you’ll be interested to find that much of it, including new album Indicud isn’t much like ‘Day’n’Nite’. However if you are familiar with collaborations you’ll be pleased to know that he combines with no less than seven artists across the mammoth 18-track album. He clearly has a penchant for long albums with all three long-players consisting of at least 16 tracks.

For a hip-hop artist who is primarily known as a rapper this is a rather dark and introspective album and nothing like what you might expect from listening to his hit singles or previous solo work.

Indicud is choc full of dark slow beats and has been produced to within an inch of its life, however that is intended as a compliment as you don’t often get albums this well produced without sounding too polished or radio-friendly.

Arguably the best collaboration is with Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman’s moniker) ‘Young Lady’ with Tillman’s voice singing “Jesus Christ girl” complimenting Cudi’s rapping and the growing and swirling atmosphere brilliantly.

Has anyone blown up more or quicker recently than Kendrick Lamar? People who haven’t even heard his music seem to know who he is. Perhaps that is due to his, like Cudi, tendancy to collaborate almost all too frequently. Their track on Indicud, ‘Solo Dolo Part II’, the follow-up to a track off 2009’s Man On the Moon - The End of Day is an obvious album highlight that is dense in texture and undeniably intense.

Other highlights include ‘Unfuckwittable’ and ‘Just What I Am’ with King Chip, who also features Michael Bolton. Indicud is an extremely well-crafted album from a man who knows his way around a track, also handily he is more than competent in the studio and knows how to get the desired sound.

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