Van She - Kelly

Van She are the latest in a growing number of bands (The Presets being a front runner) to successfully blend their style between the world of trendy dance and dirty, indie rock. The latest single to be lifted off their excellent self-titled debut EP is ‘Kelly'. It's a romp through unadulterated 80's synth pop influences like New Order, which flutter behind the hauntingly soft and assured melodies of front man Nick Routledge. With lyrics like she's running out of time/ she's running blind, this pseudo love song should be taken for the playful jaunt that it is. But hey, if Van She can't save this girl, then there will be no salvation for her wanting little soul…


From the very beginning of this tune, one cannot help but be hooked by the workman-like baseline, with heavy snare that lingers on for just long enough; you just know you are dealing with a future dance floor ripper. Even if said dance floor is your lounge room. ‘Kelly' certainly sits well next to ‘SexCity', the first single from the EP, which has certainly garnered the band some well earned praise over recent months.


So while there are still a few summer days left to warm our backs, pop the top off the convertible, throw your arm around your non-gender specific partner, and drive into the sunset with the smooth synth sounds of Van She. No seriously. With an album slated for some time later in 2006, you will hear more from these likely lads, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

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