Reckless is the debut EP from twenty-two year old songstress Kathryn Rollins, composed of four tracks that span the past few years of Rollins’ songwriting – and life – journey.

Feist and Lykke Li comparisons have been tossed around already and they’re entirely warranted. Rollins’ distinctive voice – sweet but seductive with plenty of guts – and the mishmash of acoustic finger-picking and wailing swells make for captivating listening.

‘Courage’ opens the EP with a bang. This track showcases Rollins’ insanely good voice, and the instrumentation works really well.

‘Who Shot the Bird Down?’ is filled with quiet cooing interspersed with big swelling choruses that may rip your heart out, and, in my opinion, it’s lyrically the most impressive track.

Equally as good is title track ‘Reckless,’ with soaring vocals, haunting lyrics and a guitar line I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

Raw and emotional, ‘Cold Water’ takes it down a notch with its ooo-ing harmonies and melancholy lyrics, rounding out Reckless in the most heart-breaking of ways.

It’s difficult to pick a standout track as each of the songs is pretty damn good but if I were to choose a personal favourite ‘Who Shot the Bird Down?’ would take the cake. Reckless is an impressive debut, with enough cohesion to offer a succinct snapshot of Kathryn Rollins’ sound and enough variety to prove her writing and performing chops. This is definitely one to pick up now so that in a few years you can say ‘I knew about her first.’
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