Russell Morris - Jumpstart Diary

Some people may know Australian singer-songwriter, Russell Morris, as one of the 2008 ARIA Hall Of Fame inductees who is probably most recognised as the singer of the Johnny Young-penned song, The Real Thing. He is new armed with a new album, Jumpstart Diary, an addition to a discography spanning many decades in the music business.


The thirteen songs are a little rough n' ready as Morris' vocals cannot always hit the high notes of his youth (while at the pinnacle of his career). However, judging by the slick production, the songs have the makings of being Triple M favourites. In all, it is commercial rock that is often quite easy on the ear and presented either in its finery or blandness, depending on which side of the fence you sit on.


The album is almost a musical collaboration between Morris and the multi-talented Peter Robinson. The latter scores multiple mentions in the liner notes, as he is the co-writer of numerous tracks as well as the co-producer and designer of the sleeve. Plus, he plays multiple instruments, including: guitar, bass, piano and strings. But wait there's more, as he also provides backing vocals and he programmed the drums.


The set begins with Get Your Mind, a catchy and rambling tune. This is followed by some moody piano in Coming On Strong. Meanwhile, I Want You is a very safe pop song, as it could easily be described as mixing elements from hold muzak; a U2 anthem; and a Human Nature track.


The aforementioned are rounded out by a few ballads and other rocks songs peppered with the sorts of witticisms, wisdom and observations that only come with age, and being attune to and expressing human emotions through song for so long. That said, the album does overstay its welcome and could have possibly been improved with a few less songs. And while it is no The Real Thing, it does serve to prove that we do not need this song to be re-done or rehashed. Instead Jumpstart Diary is about expressing mature emotions in a new format- making it a worthwhile stocking stuffer for the music-loving gent in your family who enjoys his classic rock artists continuing to take the musical route.

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