Ned Collette - Jokes and Trials

Melbourne muso Ned Collette has finally released his debut solo album. Being a part of the music scene in various forms for a while now, 'Jokes and Trials' has been eagerly anticipated. I have to be honest, I hadn't really heard that much about Ned, so I went into this with no expectations. What first hit me about his sound was that it somehow reminded me of the aussieness of Ben Lee and the storytelling of Tim Freedman. You want to listen to this music if only for the instrumental bits - a real highlight.


You wouldn't call Ned's voice exceptional - but that doesnt stop him. He sings his songs and that's all that matters. A few of the tracks seemed a bit too 'samey' for me. He seems to have taken the formula that usually works - acoustic singer/songwriter stuff, telling stories. But I dont really think this kind of music does much for his voice, well not with the production on the album anyway. I think he has talent, but just needs to work on a few things.


"The laughter across the street is picking me up no end. Making me feel that life beyond your shadow can exist." 'The Laughter across the street' demonstrates that he has skill in songwriting. I think what's missing is the standout melodies and catchy lyrics.


Nothing really jumps out and says "HEY! Check this out!" and thats a big shame. I did really enjoy the musicianship of the album, different elements add something extra. It really is background music but there's nothing wrong with that. A debut with potential - the only way is up for Ned Collette.

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