Starky - I've Arrived

Catchy, pinging guitars are at the helm of the Brit pop vehicle that is Starky, on the single ‘I've arrived'; from their recent self titled EP. From the opening licks, there is a surety about this band that belies their youthful exuberance, and while the Brit pop scene has enjoyed a resurgence in Australia of late (quite bizarrely), this group certainly have more to offer than just tight black jeans.


As Starky frontman Beau Cassidy screams ‘you've been lied to' to his lovely lady, we are brought firmly into his world of anti-love and relationship woes. ‘You and I are going nowhere/ another romance ends in cliché' takes us further into the world of disconnected romance, as some ‘Killers style' synth work drifts us through the power pop riff.


The full, haunting atmosphere that this band are able to create is also well delivered in the first single to be lifted from the EP, ‘Is this how it ends'. While the bands cohesiveness is clearly at play here, they may have received a little help from the surrounds of the 18th century Wales mansion in which the EP was recorded. The frequent power surges that the band endured were quite obviously worth it.


‘I've arrived' indeed.

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