Dimmer - It All Looks the Same At Night

It All Looks the Same at Night is a compilation of Dimmer's first two albums I Believe You Are a Star and You've Got to Hear the Music. They have selected the best tracks from those first two albums for this. Dimmer hail from New Zealand, the band was formed from Shayne Carter formally of band Straightjacket Fits.


The sound on this album is slightly electronic, it's a bit jazzy, it's a bit funky. I can hear influences of Tricky, Massive Attack. The track 'Getting what you give' has a very funky bass feel, it sort of sounds like music you'd hear in a dark moody club. This is very much the sound of the entire album. Carters voice is moody yet sounds smooth. 'Come Here' has the first guest vocal of Anika Moa this song really emphasizes the Massive Attack sound I was hearing coming through. Anika Moa features on quite a few songs on the album.


Another female voice on the album which is well known is Bic Runga she features as a backing singer on two tracks 'All The Way To Her' and 'Lucky One'. Unfortunately though on these tracks she is only a backing vocalist and you don't get the full impact of her distinct voice.


'I Believe you are a star' the title track from the album of the same name sounds slightly more darker then the other tracks. I quite liked the sound of this song, I particularly liked the bridge in the middle. The different use of the instruments used in this track sound really good together. For a bit of trivia on most of the tracks on the album Shayne Carter actually does vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards. Which shows great ability as a musician.


The track 'Drift' is an instrumental which I found the music to be very creepy and eerie, this continues with the dark theme of the previous song I mentioned and I quite liked it again.


The album is a great mellow album definitely one to chill out to. I believe Dimmer are currently working on a new album so it would be interesting to see if they stick to the same sound or are slightly different.


The album also comes packaged with a DVD of Dimmers 7 video clips, I did not check this out but if you're a fan its definitely worth getting for this as well.

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