With a number of strong local releases this year, the Tasmanian original scene shows much promise for the future. One of these releases is a split cd between 2 of our strongest and successful local rock acts- Hobart band The Reactions and Launceston's The Styles. Both bands have played many live shows, and it was time for an official recording and release. They haven't disappointed! The first 4 tracks on the disc are presented by The Reactions. The Reactions were originally known as Gasoline Queen, and since the name change a while back have matured and improved quite considerably. The song writing has a very Aussie rock feel to it, at times reminding me of Radio Birdman and The Saints. The tracks get stronger as they go through, not sure if this was intentional but I just found as each one came on they had more feel the previous. The guitar sound seems to slightly alter between songs, esp the last one which has a very bass driven sound and is almost slightly grungy with a Mudhoney kinda vibe.


I have seen The Styles perform live a number of times live, and they have always impressed. On cd it comes across almost as well, which is a rare quality for a band to have- but these guys do it well! The music is more energetic than The Reactions and has a more modern rockin' feel to it. It reminds me a little of an ex-Launnie band Mustang, with a healthy dose of Swedish guru's The Hellacopters thrown in. They are undoubtedly a professional and accomplished group of muso's, with an ability to write very mature music on par with many of the worlds better rock acts. At times it reminds me a little of Monster Magnet too, as the vocalist Luke has a very strong and distinct voice that is at times reminiscent in both style and delivery to Dave Wyndorf (and the music evens treads similar waters at times). All tracks seem to have an identity of their own, none if this "same drum beat/pace each song" that many rock bands seem to follow. Yep, great songs- my only criticism of this is to say I woulda loved to hear it (both bands) with a higher quality recording. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely not bad- I'd just like to hear it with a little more spit and polish!


Basically this is not only an excellent local release, but an excellent release in a nation-wide sense for 2 very talented and in many ways promising local acts. I look forward to any future releases and performances from both these guy's, their music makes me proud to be from Tassie!

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