Is Tropical - I'm Leaving

Two years on from their debut, London trio Is Tropical have dropped the sophomore record, I’m Leaving, a continuation of their revived indie come Britpop; one which has hooks that aren’t always baited.

The album is really quite a mix of emotions; the band cleverly playing on darker themes in brighter settings. From the outset there’s a dancier mood than before, with repetitive lyrics popping up a little too soon for liking. Still, the said juxtaposition is a smart touch, with the theme of death explored through a playful metaphor on ‘Leave the Party’ and some hopeful twinkling sounds seeping through on the otherwise miserably themed ‘Cry’.

‘Sun Sun’ is one of Is Tropical’s perkier tracks, and one that takes things back with its retro, Kinks-esque guitar work. The classic feel is a good way of mixing things up, as are the occasional guest vocalists, like Kirstie Fleck on ‘Dancing Anymore’, who apparently had never sung before recording the track’s demo, yet appears perfectly qualified as the indie girl counterpart to Simon Milner’s more known tones.

I’m Leaving is a solid release for the English three, but it unfortunately fails to leave a solid mark on the ears thanks to its familiarity with many other indie acts. Effectively, Is Tropical appears to have not found their niche here, so while you’ll enjoy the listen; it’s not one to rave on about it.
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