Starky - Is This How it Ends

When I think of Starky, I think of good Aussie rock and their latest single Is This How it Ends is no exception.


The song opens up with a strong, steady guitar riff and drums.


As front man Beau Cassidy kicks in with the lyrics, the beat changes nicely to fit in and sets an energetic pace which continues through most of the song. Cassidy's slightly rough vocals add a nice touch to the song and its rock feel. The song's clear and conclusive ending fits in well with the tone and feel as opposed to songs that just fade out.


This could be the hit that launches them into the kind of career where barely-teen girls turn up to concerts with lewd home-made signs. They've got the recipe right with your standard verse-chorus format with repetitive lyrics and a fun, energetic rhythm.


Take the line Is This How it Ends, and splash vigorously many times to make sure this title will be engraved in the listener's memory. Mix in some more easy-to-remember lyrics. Add some "oohs", some slightly more complicated "ooh-oohs", and maybe even an "ahh". Bake till catchy.


Is This How it Ends is the kind of song that makes you wanna jump around whilst doing air guitar (or air drumming if you're so inclined). Even as I write this I can't help but bounce around in my seat whilst humming the melody.


Be warned - the lyrics, guitar riffs and drum beats will hook you and stick in your head for days.

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