Between his work at the helm of local acts Velociraptor, Tiger Beams and Teen Sensations and the crafting of his oh-so hilarious Facebook updates, how Brisbane’s musical maestro and real life superhero Jeremy Neale found the time to release a solo EP in 2013 is anybody’s guess. What hasn’t remained quite so mysterious, however, is the superb quality of Neale’s In Stranger Times EP. Blending fuzzy garage pop with a heavy dose of jangly 60s surf references, Neale has crafted an infectious record brimming with catchy guitar hooks and choruses made for singing along to.

Neale’s ability to write a ridiculously catchy melody is perhaps his strongest point as a songwriter, and In Stranger Times showcases this ability with ease. The six-track effort opens with ‘Do Do Do’, a simple, swinging tune high on filled with harmonies, jangly guitar hooks and a multitude of ‘do’s.

‘In Stranger Times’, featuring Brisbane ladies Go Violets harks back to the harmonies of 60s girl groups, and featuring perhaps the catchiest chorus of the year, ‘In Stranger Times’ is a guaranteed get-up-and-dance winner.

While Neale gets a little grittier in ‘A Love Affair To Keep You There’ and ‘Merry-Go-Round’, it’s the final track and latest single ‘Swing Left’ that carries a darker edge that brings another dimension to the EP. While it certainly retains Neale’s signature garage/60s vibe, the keys driven moodiness makes it the standout track.

Some may argue that the tracks are a little repetitive, but Neale’s signature 60s-tinged garage pop is all his own, and those catchy choruses will be stuck in your head for days. Eagerly and impatiently anticipated, In Stranger Times is a promising debut of Jeremy Neale’s solo work and a release that stands him in good stead to move onwards and upwards in the music industry.
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