Peaches - Impeach My Bush

Peaches scores again with her third long player, Impeach My Bush, and while she hasn't strayed too much from her proven electro-shock-punk formula, she has called in a couple of heavy hitting guests to deliver an arguably more polished, user friendly end product. But don't worry; she still delivers her pussy in your face diatribes without any trouble.


"I'd rather fuck who I want than kill who I am told…" who else but Peaches, in opener Fuck Or Kill. And so the tail continues. For the connoisseurs of Teaches of Peaches and Fatherfucker, that first line will have you resting easy that she hasn't eased her stance. By the time Hit It Hard squelches and bleeps through your speakers (at track three) you're back in your ‘Peachey' comfort zone.


Boys Wanna Be Her pays tribute to AC/DC with its opening riff and rhythm while the misogynist fantasy is reversed in Two Guys (For Every Girl) and it is made perfectly clear what it may entail to get lucky with the bearded one. And it's going to be pretty messy, in a natural way. To all you males in the audience, don't be scared. How do you know you won't like it if you don't try it? Although, I don't think I'd be doing any of my siblings for her…


You Love It has the potential to fill any sort of club floors with the unmistakable vocal assistance of Joan Jett giving it cred anywhere and the riffage is back in for Do Ya giving it the same floor filling potential.


Peaches also steps behind the desk in a co- production roll with Mickey Petralia (Beck, Dandy Warhols amongst others) while Greg Kurstin was enlisted to work on various electronics and so impressed was she with him that they ended up collaborating, coming up with two tracks for the album: Downtown and the delectable Tent In Your Pants.


A guest list with everyone from the aforementioned Joan Jett through to Josh Homme and JD Samson from Le Tigre, with plenty more in between together with the utilization of more live backing than in previous efforts does add some steel to Impeach My Bush over previous outings.


Having toured with NIN and Bauhaus recently and currently spreading the good word with The Eagles Of Death Metal, you can rest assured that she hasn't taken a backward step toward the ‘moral majority'


Let's hope we see her with the rumoured EoDM tour early next year.

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