Mutts, The - I Us We You

Following on from their self-titled debut ep of 2004 and the Life Is Dirt LP of last year, The Mutts continue on with their infectious blend of retro infused garage blues. With more swagger than Jagger but enough deviations to keep from calling it another retro effort, I Us We You touches on or pays homage to several great acts of days gone but doesn't stay in any one area long enough to take root and there in lies it's strength.


Out on the excellent and diverse FatCat label, The Mutts recorded and mixed this ‘maxi ep' in just six days, and have apparently harnessed their live energies in the process.


You'll draw your own conclusions as to who their main influences are and they'll probably tell you otherwise but they are doing what they want, unashamedly. There's a little of The Stones, The Doors, Sabbath, MC5 – you get the drift but they don't dwell in any one area for too long. Garage - blues for sure but with their own Mutts twist.


Title track, I Us We You has your ‘eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel' as you are drawn directly to the lizard king and his Doors. Yet there is enough grunge styled glam sprinkled amongst it to stop you fobbing it off as just another ‘tribute'.


Don't Worry has a dirty blues strut that anyone would be proud of while Gutter Glory has a chugging riff that does Sabbath proud melded with a tribal rhythm and some nice metal sounds.


Dog On Dog has the urgency of the more now Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster with all its amphetamine fuelled garage blues and is one of the standout tracks on the album while Take Your Pick is out and out rock and roll.


Chris Murtagh's vocals combined with the guitar tone of Bryan Shore at times have you wondering if Ian Astbury and the Cult were on rotation at times and accordingly you may hear AC DC and Zeppelin. Again, it doesn't stay there for too long so you don't suffer for it.


Rock and roll with a bit of swagger. Yeah, it's good to have it back.

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