My initial reaction to the cover of the cd was great, 60's inspired garage rock. With the title words, "I paid for affection not the house of correction" on the cover I assumed I was going to be in for a dirt rock and roll listening time. I whacked the cd into my Hi-Fi and the first words that sprang to my mind were, "These guys are trying to sound like Detroit Cobras, but haven't got the same groove going on"


But that was on the first listen and so I went back again to see if it got any better.


The cd makes for very easy laconic listening. The songs and tunes make you think of dirty swampy blues, deep down in the hot and sweaty south. Johnny Casino's Easy Action is an Australian/Philadelphia band, out through Off the Hip records, which bring you other such greats as Mink Jaguar and Don Mariani ( Johnny Casino, nee Johnny Spittles (Asteroid B612, Egos, Unfuckable), has a pedigree to be proud of, the cd left me wanting more


They have that whole sixties garage sound going on, which is great when done well. These guys just sound like a pastiche of the genre. I wasn't that overawed by the quality of the singer's voice, sometimes he sounds a bit strained. The track Stop and think it over, is very Beatles, with great harmonies and melody. Nice tunes, though I feel that they could do with some female backing vocals, to add more depth to their sound.


To be brutally honest, I wasn't that impressed, I like garage rock and this seemed like a poor mans imitation, the quality of the recording wasn't that great, but then maybe they were going for a lo-fi sound, to complement that 60s garage rock style. They are going for a simple pared back style, but the tunes just don't carry it, the cd seems to be missing that x factor.


I get the feeling that this would be a great band to see live, they probably put on a good show, however if they do this doesn't come across in the cd.

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