Lykke Li - I Never Learn

Lykke Li - I Never Learn

An album filled with songs that make you want to weep; Lykke Li has once again touched an emotional nerve with her third LP I Never Learn.

In the past the Swedish songstress has captivated us with powerful and provocative tracks like ‘Get Some’ and ‘I Follow Rivers’, which have been unfortunately destroyed by DJs and used to fill the dance floors of the seediest clubs throughout Europe.

When describing I Never Learn Lykke Li says “Every song on the album is a power ballad. Like one of those old radio stations. This is a slow dance; a slow burner.” It’s true, every track has a certain element of power that will make you pause mid-conversation and contemplate the melodies flowing outward. Li is a pained artist. She builds each track to a Feist-like climax and brings it home with a soft conclusion that will have you reconsidering your funeral playlist or song to play upon reading the last page of your memoirs.

While continuing similar themes from her previous two albums, once again we hear lyrics suited to Lykke Li’s powerful voice: She tells us tales of heartbreak and pain. This time however there’re hints of hopefulness and perhaps a happy ending in such tracks ‘Gun Shoot,’ wherein the bass drops a little deeper in the chorus give a distinct 90s vibe. ‘Heart of Steel,’ another winner, even includes what sounds like a church choir chanting “Oh, heart of Steel” throughout the chorus.

Although she has always seemed like the loneliest women in the world, Lykke Li’s newest masterpiece is the best of companions to share a bottle of wine with after a tough break up or having your cat die on you. She knows how you feel and you’ll find some true comfort in her unique voice as she takes you on a journey through the nine tracks on I Never Learn’.
To pair with the release of her new album, three videos have already been added to her YouTube channel. ‘Love Me Like I’m Not Made Of Stone’ is simply a close shot of a hardened-looking Lykke Li rotating in and out of the darkness. With this she proves simplicity is sometimes best. I’d say you have a heart of cold stone if you feel nothing when watching this:

After three years in the dark Lykke Li is back and ‘I Never Learn’ is her most powerful work yet. Released in Australia May 9th.
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