Think about a howlin’ steam train for a moment – where would you find one and what would you hear? The clink of whiskey and the wild west; cowboys and corsets; rambling and rifles – it’s all the kind of imagery that comes about from the simple locomotive. Fitting then, that the band Howlin’ Steam Train should have such a roaring new EP to their name, bringin’ the south and all the imagery that comes with it into your stereo.

Green Jelly is what Howlin’ Steam Train have delivered; four fine tunes that are over just as they’ve warmed you up. HST meld together the class of a 50’s dance hall with the rabble of sweaty blues swamp to create a sound that is familiar, yet exciting. Raw vocals, thumping bass and sexy guitar riffs work perfectly together to create a hip shaker of an EP. The pinnacle of the piece is closer ‘Boogie’ – a bonafide corker that you couldn’t possibly hear without stomping along. It’s as great in your living room or car as it is on the stage – an excellent introduction.
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