Cold war Kids - Hold My Home

Cold war Kids - Hold My Home

Despite delivering an album just last year, Cold War Kids are back with their fifth long player. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts was another quality album from the Americans, arguably their finest work to date though it didn't making huge waves here in Australia. Hold My Home easily takes over the mantle as the best Cold War Kids album produced so far.

All the way through the eleven tracks this album is supremely entertaining and enjoyable. Their sound has changed quite a bit since their debut album Robbers and Cowards back in 2007, but they still retain a signature style that is very much unmistakably them.

The vocal style of Nathan Willett makes up much of this sound, and on this new record he's in fine form and as desperate and urgent as ever. There's a catchiness to their newer work that wasn't there or only there fleetingly when they first hit the scene.

From the opening track 'All This Could Be Yours' which features a thumping beat, that has a similar appeal to their breakthrough single 'We Used to Vacation'. The drums pound along combined with a guitar that builds until it soars, put with the vocals it makes for a quality song that's enjoyable from the very first listen. And that's something that can be said for the entire album, it's a hit upon first gracing your ears but it's also a record that becomes even better the more it's listened to.

The unrelenting pace of the opener is traded for a much slower feel with 'First'. Slow is somewhat of an overstatement as it doesn't exactly drag its heels, the music is pegged back a little however while Willett's vocals continue to sound like he's appealing to you to believe what he's singing about with every syllable.

'Drive Desperate' encapsulates the Cold War Kids perfectly in one song as it is typically urgent even during slower moments, building into somewhat of a climax during each chorus. 'Hotel Anywhere' is one of the absolute standouts of the disc, it simply begs to be a single, it's that immediately inviting and quite simply a stellar indie pop tune.

There's so many other highlights in terms of tracks on the album, it's harder to find a weak link than it is to describe all of the numerous high points, too many to mention. Again one of indie's most underrated bands has outdone themselves by offering up one of the best collection of songs in a cohesive package that you'll hear all year.
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