Sit back, put your feet up and relax. Here we have one of those albums to just chill to. This is an example of true rock and roots music and as your foot starts to tap along in time with the rhythm your journey starts along the "Highway".


Simon London hails from the southwest coast of Western Australia and along with his band the Spirits has just released his second album, titled Highway State of Mind. Ten examples of roots inspired rock n' roll await your ears on what promises to be an album to rival the likes of John Butler or Ash Grunwald (Yes my knowledge – or lack thereof- of roots music is quite evident).


I have always loved those CDs you can just pop on and listen to in the background while you work, read, sleep - you choose. This is one such CD. It is relaxing and soothing and mellow. It ranges from strolling rock to driven hard-edged rock and is complimented by Simon London's clear and compelling vocals, which rise and fall on an emotional journey through the music.


The rock-roots style is evident on this album with the use of (at times) crashing electric guitars and rolling bass and beats as a driving force for the rock style and the use of Hammond and Rhodes organs to accentuate the harmonies and put forth that roots flavour. As an independent artist London has got it right on this album.


Favourite tracks for this reviewer include "5th Fret Pop Song", "Simple Man", "Sunshine" and "My Parent's House".

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