Adele - Hello (Single)

Adele - Hello (Single)

Adele’s long awaited single ‘Hello’ has been recently released and it has already racked up over 300 million hits on YouTube. Adele has stated “this album is about make ups- making up with myself, making up for lost time and making up for everything I ever did or never did”

‘Hello’- the first released single from the her highly anticipated album 25 and won't disappoint Adele fans. She just does love songs brilliantly. Her smooth raspy vocals are so emotive that you just can’t help but feel her pain. There are several goose bump moments when she goes into the chorus with so much power and presence. This song demands attention and it will make you have it on repeat over and over again.

I can't wait for 25 to be released globally on 20 November 2015. No doubt it will join her other hits such as the Academy Award winning single ‘Skyfall” in 2012.

Check out her latest music video Hello here

You can download Adele’s current single from Itunes or preorder 25 from…

There is also a live version from a recent awards show:

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