Heaven’s Basement hail from Britain and probably drink plenty of Red Bull, as you probably would if you were signed to that company’s record label. It would certainly explain the energy present on their hard rock debut, Filthy Empire.

The first track, ‘Welcome Home’ - loud guitars, straining vocals and thumping drums, awesome! However, there isn’t really that much to say about Heaven’s Basement – there’s no doubt in mind that the material here is great, but we’ve been here before.

It would be a disservice to this band’s work if you didn’t listen to it loud on competent speakers. Right now I’m blasting ‘Nothing Left to Lose’, which sounds like AC/DC on steroids, and I can just tell that Heaven’s Basement would be a ferocious live band.

I have to give credit to guitarist Sid Glover for writing some awesome parts. There are guitar solos all over Filthy Empire. His finest work can be heard on ‘Fire, Fire’, which I think is the band’s best song, despite the strong Guns n Roses influence.

An aggressive approach is what drives this record, and the song that most embodies that is ‘I Am Electric’, as vocalist Aaron Buchanan loudly proclaims that he is the destroyer, the fighter and the one who killed our God. He is the Electric with the Kiss of Fire, possibly alluding to Satan in an angry way unlike most of the nonsensical nods to Satan in other rock and metal bands.

There are two noticeable slowdowns on this fast-paced debut: ‘The Last Goodbye’ and ‘The Price We Pay’. The former, as you probably guessed, is a downer song, although it has a surprisingly great solo. The latter is a ballad that sounds like Yellowcard. Thankfully we hop back into band standard with ‘Jump Back’ and ‘Executioner’s Day’.

Filthy Empire is a great hard rock record with a potency that keeps your blood pumping. It’s not the most original thing to come out of hard rock, but I look forward to what Heaven’s Basement comes up with in the future, such as an Australian tour and another album that takes their hard rock sound to a new level.

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