Wintercoats - Heartful

Wintercoats - Heartful

Heartful is the latest offering from Melbourne-based Wintercoats.

The six-track E.P is the third to come from the one-man multi-instrumentalist, James Wallace.

The E.P once again exhibits Wallace’s ability to layer soft sound, creating six extraordinarily ambient tracks.

The record begins with ‘Heirloom’. A long, haunting intro with melodic lyrics layered over violin soon transforms with an added beat and soft bells. It would appear to be the work of three or four talented musicians, but it isn’t. The sound develops naturally over the course of the 4.06-minute track.

The mood quickly changes with track two, ‘Halogen Moon’, which begins abruptly with harsher bell-tones. This track too exhibits an effortless progression of sound, which comes through the layering of lyrics, strings and piano, kept to a strict tempo.

‘Burial’ and ‘Heartful (Burial Reprise) are the most vocally driven tracks on the E.P. Deep vocal notes are teamed with violin and layered beneath the sweet lyrics, with all the elements simultaneously contrasting and complimenting one another.

The repetitive beat of ‘Voyage’ gives the track a suspenseful quality, which is then brought to an anti-climatic finish.

‘Everyone Seems To Be In On Something’ will arguably be the track most enjoyed by the masses. Whilst it doesn’t display the same overriding orchestral ambiance as the other five tracks, it contains deep, audible lyrics that make it more structured, whilst maintaining the brilliantly layered violin, keeping it in tone with the rest of the E.P.

The entire record is a masterpiece, a record to listen to late at night, headphones in, until it eventually puts you to sleep.

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