Resurrectors, The - Healing

"Plant mo' trees". This is the text that appears on the inside cover of the Resurrectors new album. A nine piece reggae outfit from Sydney, the Resurrectors are the type of band who, along with the usual thank yous to family and friends often found on an album's inside sleeve, like to thank the earth beneath them, the seas around them and those who came before them. This gives the listener some indication of what to expect lyrically from the album, songs about humanity, spiritual healing, and the state of the world.


On the opening and title track of the album 'Healing', vocalists Jon Pease and Ras Roni ask, "Why are we still fighting? Why can't we keep talking? Children keep on asking, how come we can't tell them? What a world we live in!" A somewhat serious song that has a valuable message, whilst retaining a cruisey and relaxed feel.


The rest of the album follows suit and the pace of the songs never really pick up. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. The majority of the songs are typical reggae chill-outs, all about 5-6 minutes in length, meaning the album runs for just over 45 minutes for only nine tracks. The music itself is catchy. Funky keys and smooth saxophones atop of laid back guitar plucking and slow drumming. Pease's and Roni's vocals blend into one and fit the music well. So well in fact, that if you close your eyes and forget about your present, you could almost be sitting under the palm trees of a deserted beach, sipping some trendy exotic drink out of a coconut shell. Such induced "day dreaming" leaves you relaxed and some what off-guard, so as the serious messages contained within the lyrics are more easily digested.


A bonus of the album is the inclusion of track nine, which is a remix of 'Healing' by DJ Fitchie of Fat Freddy's Drop. This remix has received some air play on Triple J's Australian music show Home and Hosed, ahead of the original, which surprises me as the original has more punch and is a tad catchier.


With its chilled out songs and conscious lyrics, this album is nice. However, one feels you would appreciate the Resurrectors a lot more if you saw them play live, rather than just listening to their CD. In my opinion, I would have to be in exactly the right mood to fully enjoy this album. Probably sitting on the verandah on a hot summers evening, enjoying a few cold beers with some good mates.

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