Abbe May and The Rocking Pneumonia's EP is called Hawaiian Disease and it is really a fantastic EP. Whilst the cover looks like something you would buy at a tacky tourist shop in Hawaii, the music is something else. We're warned that Hawaiian disease is a pandemic and it is spreading throughout Australia quickly, and that there have been several cases over the world. What is the cure you ask? Immediate quarantine with this EP on high rotation with the sound up will definitely help cure this disease (it affects one in every four band members usually the drummer but not always so....)


Do you Wanna go Dancin'? is one fantastic grunty, raw, blues rock tune. Sounding like a female Ash Grunwald mixed with the sultriness of Adalita from Magic Dirt. A groovy song with plenty of guitar grunt that will give you whip lash from moving your head up and down and round and round. A pure feet tapping moving song, I order all of you to listen to it. This song also needs to be played loud to gain whip lash syndrome.


Hawaiian Disease is encased with groovy guitar and drum beats, a rock song with vocals to wish for and finger plucking to be jealous of. Jesus Gonna Be Here starts off rather scratchy and has higher vocals blended with backing vocals and light hearted instruments play here. Carolina Honeyrider is another groovy song with sumptuous sounds from the 70's drum machine and is largely a spoken style of a song.


We Had A Real Good Time Together has a luscious guitar start then the lyrics are belted out in a raw raspy sound with guitar that is magic (sounds similar to Ian Rilen). A passionate song and another song guaranteed to get your senses rocking. Lastly on the EP we are given the 70's porn radio mix of Do You Wanna Go Dancin'?


Abbe was the front woman for the music group The Fuzz and in 2006 she started the current line up -K.T. Rumble on tremolo/octave guitars, Todd Pickett on percussion, Pete Stone on electric bass, Alex Archer on violin and Dr Alien Smith is the magic. Abbe plays wah/delay/slide guitar and 70's drum machine. The band members are truly musical tarts. This EP has songs which have escaped from the up and coming album Sexorcism which is due out later this year

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