Zutons, The - Hanging Around

The Zutons are a 5 piece pop rock band who from Liverpool, England who are making their mark on the music scene with their first album, Who Killed The Zutons?, going double platinum in their homeland. The Zutons second studio album, Hanging Around, will finally hit Australian shelves ahead of their appearance at this years Splendour In The Grass festival.


On the first run, the album didn't really grab my attention as being anything unique or special, but as I took a break to make a coffee before letting it have another run in the CD player I noticed I was humming a tune that kept repeating itself over in my head. It was then I realised that The Zutons had mastered the art of the catchy hook and that infectious melody that gets stuck inside your head.


Single Why Won't You Give Me Your Love and Hello Conscience are such tunes that you will have swimming around in your head for days. It's The Little Things We Do, a song which recounts the all to familiar feeling of the day after a big night out that I'm sure most of us can relate to, sounds like it was written to be played live.


No true rock album would be complete without an obligatory ex-girlfriend inspired song such as Valerie, another stand out track with a chorus line that you can almost hear the festival crowds singing along to. Album closer, I Know I'll Never Leave, showcases lead singer David McCabe's vocal talents and the bands ability to create a slow tempo song, yet still keep you hooked with Abi Harding's soothing sax and Russell Pritchard's bass working well together to give it a chilled out jazz feel.


Hanging Around is a promising release from The Zutons and while its release may not be as anticipated here as it was in the UK it is definitely an album worth picking up for anyone who is looking for some funkadelic inspired pop rock to help liven up their day.


Hanging Around is available from May 29 through Sony BMG.

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