Eurythmics - Greatest Hits

When the Eurhythmics Greatest Hits album arrived on this reviewers desk there was as sense of nostalgia intermingled with a slight tinge of apprehension. A sense of nostalgia due to the fact that at some point during this listener's childhood, jumping around in uncoordinated fits of pre teen dancing in lounge room whilst a Eurhythmics record made its revolutions is a fond memory. Apprehension, because there is an undercurrent of fear that this childhood memory could be disseminated by the realisation that they aren't as captivating as once remembered. Nothing much has changed fortunately. This reviewers dancing could still be viewed as uncoordinated fits not unlike vertical epilepsy and the Eurhythmics are more than capable of producing such atrocious moves from most listener especially this reviewer.


As any well respected music con├ęsiuer worth their salt can testify that the Eurhythmics contributed a wealth of discovery not to mention both a great deal of progression and inspiration to the modern day pop and rock scene. This greatest hits album is simply a testament to this. Providing brilliant insight into the makings of one of the 80's most influential and well known pop groups, this album is a retro fused stroll down memory lane. Chart topping tracks such as "Sweet Dreams", "Would I lie to you?" and "Sisters are doing it for themselves" are all there of course and every track regardless of being well known to you or not, brings back the pains of puffy shoulder pads, acid wash jeans and hair spray gone mad. Though some of these things have had resurgence in their popularity, for those of you who dare to remember, it is still a painful experience to recall.


Though listening to an hour or so of tacky loops, twangy guitars and the falsetto and unpredictable vocals of feminist flat topped diva Anne Lennox can and did start to grate heavily on the nerves of this particular reviewer like all hell, it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless back tracking down the avenues of horribly tacky yet undeniable memorable sounds of late eighties pop. For anyone who wishes to dedicate an hour of their time remembering all the glam, glitz and perhaps indulge in terrible acts of movement within the privacy of their own home hopefully, the Eurhythmics album of greatest hits should definitely find a place in your c.d collection.

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