Admittedly this was a hard listen first time around, but with some persistence Gogol Bordello's Pura Vida Conspiracy really grew on me. Whilst it took a few listens on continual loop, Pura Vida Conspiracy is in actual fact, a fun, no strings attached long player. Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Oliver Charles who alluded to his work with Gogol Bordello. Having briefly listened to Gogol Bordello shortly after my brief brush with fame I must admit that this was my first time of full indulgence in this musical project.

When I finally decided that this was in fact just a very different musical ensemble; I automatically fell in love with what was coming out of the speakers. To be completely honest, it was the most amazing album I had heard in a while. I enjoyed every moment and envisaged fire breathers, jugglers, clowns and all sorts of circus performers dancing along to every song. 'Malandrino' and 'We Rise Again' were my two outstanding tracks and the ones I danced to the most.

There is nothing overly serious about Gogol Bordello and part of my process of enjoying their work was discovering this simple fact. Pick up this album and enjoy a release that does not fall neatly into a pigeon hold musical genre
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