Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost

Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost

Ghost On Ghost is the fifth studio-record from singer-songwriter, Samuel Bean, better known as Iron and Wine.

The record is a bit all over the place, with some particularly jazzy tunes, thrown in with a few slow ballads, all resonating the same folk undertone that Iron and Wine became famous for.

‘Winter Prayers’ is definitely a standout. It’s the type of song that immediately makes you stop what you’re doing and just listen.

Many of the tracks, including ‘Caught in the Briars’, ‘Low Light Buddy of Mine’, ‘Grass Widows’ and ‘Singers, ‘Lovers’ Revolution’ and the Endless Song’, exhibit jazzy drum elements, double bass and brass instrumentals.

In ‘Sundown (Back in the Briars)’ exhibits some interesting a cappella- esque layered back-up vocals with limited instrumentals, when compared with the following ‘Winter Prayers’, which is hugely instrumental

‘Lovers’ Revolution’ has the potential to open Iron and Wine up to a whole new, jazz-loving audience, with a huge presence of double bass, jazzy lyrics and staggered drum beat.

The whole record is lyrically brilliant, but the vocals are definitely outweighed by the stunning display of instrument range across all the tracks.

I think many will argue that this is not the best record to come from Iron and Wine, especially compared with Bean’s 2007 release The Shepard’s Dog, which received overwhelming critical acclaim, however, the record exhibits the Bean’s musical growth over the last 6 years, developing further from the folk-pop genre he cemented himself into during he beginning of his career.
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