The whole Spinning Top thing gets me excited. Excited like reading Thrasher Magazine in 1986, excited like hearing Sonic Youth in 1988, or Queen’s Rated R in 2000 and before hearing a note of Nicholas Allbrook's debut solo album Ganough, Wallis and Fatuna I’m already in love with it.

Why? Because all these W.A. guys represent lifestyle. Spinning Top records is a lifestyle brand. In my minds eye these guys are bonging on, laughing, tripping balls, and making records where the first, most retarded idea is the best. I think about those Tame Impala and Pond records and I can just smell bongwater, surf wax, and Nag Champa. Stoned Immaculate. Would you rather be a member of The Preatures? Or Pond? I would rather be in Pond, in a heartbeat. Definitely.

So here is Nicholas Allbrook’s debut solo album, and if you’re a fan of Pond, then there’s no reason you’re not going to dig this record, same tripped out lo-fi production, 4 track wow and flutter, mucho phaser and delay. Nick’s delicate and tender voice multitracked like Prince with less confidence and more LSD. It’s all just a shitload of fun. I pray that that Nick, never once loses his shit and worries about having a career.

Nicholas Allbrook is the stoned messiah of Australian indie rock. Unguarded, unsullied and unreal.
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