“Forcing myself through a telescope lens to a sea of bad moods”, begins Andy Falkous in ‘The Male Gaze’. Future of the Left’s always been caustic and cynical, if nothing else. Mclusky was brilliant, but Future of the Left always seemed to have more depth for Falko’s ramblings.

Their newest release, How To Stop Your Brain in an Accident, doesn’t have as much of the snarl as something like ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’, but it does feature an older, angrier Falko doing what he does best. It starts by hitting the listener over the head with Queens of the Stone Age-style overdriven guitars and pummelling rhythms, as if demonstrating that the band are still punks, before devolving into some genuinely hilarious songs about modern life.

Calling out soap operas, Kardashians, and the lack of action in There Will Be Blood in ‘Singing Of The Bonesaws’ with an affected “posh” accent, and the furious ‘How To Spot A Record Company’ are absolute highlights. ‘Donny Of The Decks’ is stupidly catchy, while ragging on washed up DJs now “living in your bathroom”, but ‘She Gets Passed Around At Parties’ is a much darker, bleakly funny track about teenage pregnancies and getting hit by ambulances.

Towards the end, things get even more interesting, with kazoos thrown into the mix during ‘Things To Say To Friendly Policemen’, another brilliant title; and an alarming gear shift to a bluesy shuffle in the final track with a Tom Waits growl, a very uncharacteristic finish for the band. In all, How To Stop Your Brain in an Accident isn’t quite as strong as Travels with Myself or Another or Curses, or anywhere near Mclusky’s best work, but it stands well as an excellent, brutally cutting rock record. Check ‘em out if you’re into Mclusky, Fugazi, or The Nation Blue.

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