N'fa - First Step

There is something about music that commands your attention – music that is more than a background noise, a dinner soundtrack, something to keep you company or cover the silence.


N'fa's EP 'First Step' does just this - demands your attention – each word laced with meaning, a story within a song, lyrics that make you think.


I had a bit of a heads up with the EP. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of speaking to N'fa, to discuss his new solo career, being part of 1200 Techniques and his forthcoming album 'Cause an Effect'.


Inertia Recordings, who signed N'fa in early 2006 describe the EP as "a perfect (re)introduction to N'fa's unique formula and style, while also spotlighting his progression from his old band".


Of the six tracks, my favourite would have to be the first track, 'Cause an Effect' – with its lyrics "get up, get up man, cause an effect you know the reps some says sleep is the cousin of death, but most folks sleep walk through life, eyes wide shut blinded by the big city lights...", described as an "anthem-in-waiting".


Track 2, 'Who Wan Test' features The Deceptikonz, New Zealand hip hop "juggernauts".


'Blessings' is next, an instrumental track, which is easy listening after the first two tracks.


The following three tracks are exclusive versions and remixes of the first two songs, one remixed by club veteran Nick Thayer. I not much of a fan of remixes, but these are an interesting spin on the original tracks.


I'm enjoying the EP – after multiple plays I'm looking forward to the release of the album later this year – which Inertia Recordings describe as "N'fa's debut solo album, 'Cause An Effect', promises to be one of the Australian musical highlights of 2006."


Sadly, the promo copy of the EP I was sent doesn't include the Quicktime version of the video clip for 'Cause an Effect', directed by N'fa's friend, Heath Ledger, and so far I haven't had caught the clip on TV.

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