Felicity Groom - Hungry Sky

Hungry Sky is the exquisite sophomore album from Perth artist Felicity Groom, featuring backing from Andrew Ryan, Mike Jelinek and Steve Summerlin, and cameos from Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Jay Watson and Julian Barbagallo. A well crafted combination of electronic beats, symphonic strings and haunting horns. Overall, it could be described as '60s pop meets Massive Attack. Superbly mixed and mastered, this isn't a light album as it delves into serious themes but it is balanced with driving rhythms and great arrangements which makes it easy to listen too.

The vocals move from the heavenly heights of falsetto to securely strong chest voice, all treated with reverb. The electric guitar is given a variety of different effects over the entire album which help keep the listener engaged.

Each song on the album has been ordered with great consideration to create an ease of flow. From 'Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller' with its commanding vocal delivery and impressive instrumentation to the ballad, title track, 'Hungry Sky' into the upbeat 'Better Days' with tasty guitar riffs and piano accompaniment, followed by the PJ Harvey-esque 'Oh Jesus'. 'Talons' has a world fusion quality with its hypnotic trance and 'Move Your Muscles' awakens the listener once again, before 'Utalum' offers a lullaby of sorts.

'Hungry Sky' ticks all the boxes. It explores relevant issues of love, social media and politics. It delivers an assortment of drum beats and musical textures as it takes the listener on a journey that is truly captivating from beginning to end.
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