I love, love, love dance music! Its a funny sentence to write, given I don't think I own any CD's that in their entirety, fit that genre!


So you could imagine my delight when I opened my letterbox and found 'Earthcore – Global Carnival Edition'. The excitement heightened by the fact that I had recently interviewed one of Earthcore's favourites, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, and had been researching the event that's been running in Australia for around 13 years. Earthcore conducts over 100 different events each year, with the pinnacle being its outdoor festival held in the last weekend of November every year in regional Victoria.


This double compilation is full of chill, psy, progressive, trance, techno and other diverse beats from artists who have performed at past year's festivals.


Disc One, entitled 'Getting There' features tracks selected by DJ Coomzy, who has put together "some of the best driving tracks from some of the favourite Earthcore trance artists and mixed them together seamlessly". It features Earthcore in the Park headliners Infected Mushroom, X-Noize and Sub 6.


From the moment the first track begins, the music hits you with a massive thump. I love the way dance music (the sound and the feel) courses through your body and makes you want to move. I don't really think I could pick out a standout track for this first cd as each track flowed together really well. Like pieces of a puzzle, the 10 tracks create a complete picture.


It's also interesting to see the effect that this first CD has on my little family - the five year old bopping around the house like a maniac and the baby kicking around to the beat! I think this cd is fast becoming a family favourite!


This type of dance music, regardless of which dance sub-genre it fits in, has the ability to make me feel happy, energised and alive. For the full sensory benefit this CD needs to be played LOUDLY! It would be interesting to check what my neighbour thinks, given I have been playing it (when I am home alone) at floor shaking volume!


Disc Two, 'Getting Home' has the job of calming you down after the full sensory assult of the first disk. It features some big names from the downtempo / chillout world such as Ott, Gaudi, Shpongle, Pitch Black and Melbourne "breakbeat masters" Nu Breed and The Orb. Track 2, Gaudi's "Ayahuasca Deep Fall" was a favourite, with its chilled beat, intriguing lyrics and storytelling feel.


This double CD is brilliant. It gave me the opportunity to check out the experience that is Earthcore, perfect for those of us not fortunate to make it to this Annual event.


It inspired me to perhaps check out the festival in the near future – with both disks featuring artists booked for 2006. In the meantime, I think both 'Earthcore' disks will get a workout and feature often in my home's soundtrack.

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